Aadvik — My cutest Boy

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By Aaryan Bhalla

When I saw him for the first time

There’s a fact that we meet 80,000 people in our life. Aadvik is also one of them. It is sometimes very hard and scary to understand the meaning of life, but by talking, caring, and sharing with the surrounding people who you love, you can give more meaning to life. Basically, life is exquisite and nice if one wishes to make it.

Aadvik — My cutest Boy

“It is often the moments of silence that strengthen the friendship between two people.”

The primary motive for this article was to preserve my cutest boy memories 😚😚before they went into the trash and would be never restored.🤗

Thanks to the Google photos app who saved all his memories and photos and kept them saved year by year and popped them when they completed years to be clicked. 🙏🙏

Aadvik is the son of my Mama’s sister’s daughter. I knew you did not understand I mean my (maasi’s) Aunt’s daughter’s son i.e., my cousin sister — Priyanka Jarial’s son, so Aadvik is my nephew. Aadvik basically means Unique. I believe him as my brother, and he is the first child that I have loved the most, he is very charming. 😍😍

He was born on 29 September 2017 at Daulat Pur, Una Himachal Pradesh. We met his family members and him for the first time when he was 2 months old on December 31, 2017, at a suitable home in a small village, Raipur Marwari. It was the day before the New Year; he was lying in a small blanket.🙂

He was so cute that whenever he closed his eyes and slept; he felt so cute. He was lazy and sleepy. We accompanied Priyanka Didi, i.e. my cousin’s sister, to come with us for a few days to our old residence, Mani Majra, Chandigarh.

On New Year's day, January 1, 2018, we had to go to Chintpurni at 9 am to visit Mata Chinnamastika Chintpurni Dham, which is in Himachal Pradesh. This place is one of the major religious places of Hindus.

It is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. Goddess Sati’s feet fell here. We can also see beautiful views of nature from this place.

Many enchanting scenes enchant travelers on the journey and leave an indelible impression on them. Devotees of the mother come here to receive spiritual joy. After the journey of 5 hours, we finally reached our home.

Aadvik at Manimajra

Aadvik came to our house for 10 days for the first time. He was watching the entire house with gigantic eyes and was trying to recognize his family members. But, he got on with us and mixed with us soon.

Many names were given to him by us such as Aadu, Aada paada, gugloo, kaka, and ganju, etc. 🙄😝🤭

I cannot describe his cuteness in words, as it is wordless. It is only possible by the images. Most of the days went up on the roof to take the sunbathe and vitamin D. Mom was also on holiday until Aadvik was there.

There was a lot of excitement and enthusiasm when he came to our house. 🏠 Then sometimes the sound of his crying came, sometimes of him laughing loudly. 😭🤣

He liked to make bubbles with his saliva and just popped them. But it may look odd to some. Giving a poss to the camera can show his cuteness, maybe…… or may not.

Cute Ganju

Sometimes wearing a cap and sometimes not….Cute Ganju. But, according to me, he looked cuter in the cap.

So, cute looks like मगरमच्छ के आंसू, Sorry no that's the natural cry.

He even entangled by holding each other’s hair and if anyone scolded him. He cried. See how he was crying, shivering, and shaking hands shouting as if asking for her mother. Where’s mom..? unnhh uh (crying)

But, when my grandfather Chandpal Bhalla came to meet him. He felt my grandfather as his, as the face of both is the equivalent, and tried to play with him, smiling and laughing.

Full family shoot

I always wanted to play with him 24 hours a day. But, because of my tuitions, it couldn’t be possible. But, as if possible, I revised my entire work, and as quickly as possible I came home to play with him.

We gave him his memories as a frame which he took to his house. His photos were endless as half of the phone’s storage 56% was filled with his photos.

Bye Bye Aadvik… 2018

It was difficult to say bye to them as we mixed too much with both of them. But Priyanka Didi promise us she would come soon.

Our relationship with Aadvik became so complex that we could not go. But, at last, we said bye to him. Mom and Priyanka Didi become very emotional.

You're welcome again, Aadu

She completed her promise and came in march as her sister-in-law had to give an exam in Chandigarh and she also came with her and our cute boy Aadvik too. See how he is watching tv with my father seriously.

He was less sleepy and was taking interest in playing.

bolo krishna kanhaiya laal ki jai

The best and most special moment was that which we made Aadvik as Krishana Ji at home, Manimajra. These yellow clothes were preserved by our mom years by years and we makeup Aadvik with lipstick, Maala on the neck, and a Mukut on the head made him cuter and he gave a gracious smile.

Hamare Mujhdoor Kisaan bhai saahb

The next day we used to make him a Kisan using the pataka which was used by me in my Fancy dress competition in school, which reminded me of the photograph clicked by our class teacher. See how good-looking he is looking…

Fancy Dres's competition in my school class 5

My brother and I used to make horrible sounds to make him cry, which we liked too much….but Priyanka Didi doesn’t.

Whenever Aadvik cries, mama comes ahead as Mama has the Talent of making a rhythmic sound while any child cries.

One can see in the above picture. When mom does that, Aadvik cries and laughs after listening to his own rhythmic crying sound.

When I put him in the tub between the clothes.
Cutie pie

Then we said bye to Aadvik and promised to meet soon. Priyanka Didi forwarded this photo to me which was clicked at their relative's home in Mohali.

Playing with flowers in the Rose Garden Sector-16 Chandigarh

Aadvik’s special Photo gallery

Roundu Advik after mundane

Aadvik then didn’t come for several months and became furious and didn't come to anyone else, her mom. Wherever her mom went, he followed her. Can you believe each and every place!! If we tried to hug him, he would scream. The thing which I liked was that he started dancing to songs, Aadvik was changed and was not looking good because of his mundane.

Relation with my Dad

In his childhood,

Here’s one photo of my dad with Aadvik crying the first and the second one. In both the photographs, Aadvik is crying.

After 3 years the same thing is going on

The picture was clicked at Jayanti Dam, Mullanpur. You can see that here also he is crying, do you know? Once Priyanka Didi came to our house for an exam in Mohali and we had to take care of Aadvik for the complete day. As you already know, he is very complicated with her mom and always follows her everywhere.

See how crabby he is- Rondu

We distracted Aadvik, and she left for the exam and was finding her everywhere and started crying so much non-stop continuously for 2 hours and in anger, my dad slapped him and he sat quietly and was numb for a second. But, that was accidental, and he irritated him he never goes to anyone without his mother.पर जो भी था उसके थपड बहुत ज़ोर से पड़ा था… हाहाहा, बेचारा वही का वहीँ खरा का खरा रह गया और एक दम चुप हो गया

Meeting through video calls…
Unable to come in lockdown

Covid and its lockdown didn’t allow us to meet for the entire year and WhatsApp video calls were only for meetings for 3 to 6 minutes. He started speaking and for the first time called me Mama Ji. During the call; we were tongue-tonging and making funny faces for each other.

नकलची बंदर

These were some of the most memorable memories of My Cutest boyAadvik. I pray to God that he and his family will always remain fortunate. Thanks, Aadu, you are very cute and very special to me.

जब बच्चे छोटे होते हैं तब प्यारे होते हैं और अपने माता-पिता की निगरानी में रहते हैं, परंतु बड़े होने पर यह सब कुछ उल्टा हो जाता है

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