Aadvik — My cutest Boy

By Aaryan Bhalla

When I saw him for the first time
Aadvik — My cutest Boy
Aadvik at Manimajra
Cute Ganju
So, cute looks like मगरमच्छ के आंसू, Sorry no that's the natural cry.
Full family shoot

Bye Bye Aadvik… 2018

You're welcome again, Aadu

He was less sleepy and was taking interest in playing.

bolo krishna kanhaiya laal ki jai

Hamare Mujhdoor Kisaan bhai saahb

Fancy Dres's competition in my school class 5
When I put him in the tub between the clothes.
Cutie pie
Playing with flowers in the Rose Garden Sector-16 Chandigarh

Aadvik’s special Photo gallery

Roundu Advik after mundane

Relation with my Dad

In his childhood,
After 3 years the same thing is going on
See how crabby he is- Rondu

Meeting through video calls…
Unable to come in lockdown

नकलची बंदर



Nature and birds Lover, Traveller, & musician..☺️☺️

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