Celebrated valentine’s day with nature

Aaryan Bhalla
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By Aaryan Bhalla

If you truly love nature, it also loves us. So, come see how I and my mom Celebrated valentine’s day with nature.

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.”

Happy valentine’s day to everyone. My dad and my elder brother were not at home. They were out of the station, as they had to attend a wedding in Delhi. Mom and I were at home, and it was Sunday. So, I took advantage and requested mom to let me take along on an outing to visit somewhere in Chandigarh. Mom suggested going to Rose Garden, Sector 16.

DECAMO monocular telescope

I bought a Monocular telescope too for better birdwatching which has a unique zoom. So, I also had time and got a chance to use it and try it. We went, and I picked up my monocular and Nikon camera as photographs of birds can only be clicked by it as the mobile’s camera doesn’t have a nice megapixel and resolution. However, I have a NIKON COOLPIX S3100 — PTP camera. It is old and handled year by year. But, it is said that old is gold. It captures better images than the phone’s camera as the lens is good till now. See how many beautiful memories it captured that day.

NIKON COOLPIX S3100 — PTP camera

The Rose Garden is a very famous tourist spot. It is not only a place of beautiful roses or a place to relax with family and it is spread over 30 acres (120,000 m2) of land, with 50,000 rose bushes of 1600 different species. But it's also home to various birds. It is also a birding hotspot. Mom and I went to enjoy Sunday birding.

Jungle Babbler and Indian Mynaa’s

The first birds on which we glanced were jungle babbler and Indian Mynaa’s. They were giving posses again and again like a model. So, I captured them to keep their intention. Don't mind angry birds.

As we already know, they are very common garden birds. They were found in large amounts there. I also saw Jungle Mynas for the first time. But couldn't capture them.

A house crow and an Indian palm squirrel also wanted to be clicked, then why did I leave them.

Black-rumped flame back woodpecker

“Bird of the Day”

Black-rumped flame back woodpecker

Then, abruptly, our sight went on, this bird having yellow plumage with a nice red-crowned head. The first time I saw this beautiful bird in my life, I captured it, which is named Black-rumped flame back woodpecker, also known as a lesser golden-backed woodpecker.

Black Kites

Many black kites were flying in the sky. There was a small stream flowing through the garden where all the Kites were enjoying the water and were taking the Bath. One of them saw me and gave a nice poss towards the lens of the camera…. scared… and flew away by taking a flight through with its 30cm long feathers.

See how beautiful they look while taking the flights.

Clicking the photographs of Parakeets
Rose ringed parakeets

Brown-headed barbets Kura Kura….kutroo….kutroo.. calls were very common listening in the garden. But, unable to see it. Suddenly when we saw it !… it flew away. What we want is not found many times.

White-Throated Kingfisher

White-Breasted Kingfisher clicks at Rose garden

As we walked through the footpaths. We came to the center of the garden and saw a beautiful white-throated kingfisher and I ran quickly before it flew just like a barbet. This time I had the camera, so this was a nice capture. I initially saw this bird on the Sukhna nature trail. But, that time the photo was not clear and very poor as the phone clicked it. This time I tried to click a marvelous photo. See how the bird is showing its whitethroat.

White wagtails

White wagtails enjoying the sunbathe

After a nice capture of the kingfisher, we saw 4 white wagtails dancing their tails up and down.

I (Boy) was wearing a red sweater between red roses.

Roses were not very attractive, maybe care was not done. So, after birding, we went to see the famous underpass as they had made a nice and a long underpass by the government the previous month connecting the rose garden and sector 16-sector 17 Chandigarh.

Chandigarh Govt created the 132M long underground underpass.

As we were near to my (Mamu’s) Uncle’s house. We met him at sector 24B Chandigarh. Several birds were also there at which I peeped. People were seeing me while I was birding alone and were taking an interest in what I was watching. That’s how people take an interest.

We could not capture the Barbet in the Rose garden. But, as we know, those who try never to give up and I fulfilled my desire. I finally! captured it.

Himalayan bulbul

The stylish Himalayan Bulbul acted like a model, showing off its curved pony and yellow vents.

It is difficult to see Himalayan bulbuls in Chandigarh whereas we can see more red vented bulbuls than them, to see them we may need to go to Himachal or Himalayas. But, it was a miracle that I saw this beautiful yellow vented bulbul in flocks just outside my uncle's house roaming and calling in a lemon tree.

Asian brown flycatcher

“Bird of the Day”

Asian Brown Flycatcher

An Asian brown flycatcher also came to say hello while I was capturing it. The flights of these birds are fascinating as the size is also small. We were confused by the Indian white eye, which was the bird of the day regarded by us, which we saw for the first time in sector 24 Chandigarh.

Black Redstart female

Black Redstart (Female) from sector 24B, Chandigarh

I got confused by getting the name of this bird. This time Google lens also failed and didn't answer. Facebook helped me and I came to know that it was a Black redstart But, a female whereas I have seen black redstart but, male not female yet.

The issue is that males are usually the most colorful sex because females are more likely to be in short supply because of the extra work involved in incubation and chick-rearing. Males must thus compete for the chance to mate with them. Such as oriental magpie robins, blue-capped redstarts, and House sparrows, can be easily differentiated into their sex by seeing their plumage. Although red-vented bulbul, Indian white eye, and Tailorbird can’t be easily differentiated.

A squirrel enjoying a fruit nut from a tree at sector 24B, Chandigarh

Before ending, I would like to differentiate between the two words- Birdwatching and birding. Birdwatching means it is for fun which most people do and professionals do birding, by using high megapixel and resolution cameras, proper camouflage. I mean to say that all birders are birdwatchers whereas, all birdwatchers are not birders (professionals) It may be confusable, however, that's the only truth.

Clockwise: Black-rumped flame back woodpecker, black kite, black redstart (female), Himalayan Bulbul, White-throated kingfisher, and Brown-headed Barbet.

I’ll never forget this fantastic birding with my mom. May God give me a chance again and again. I also had Cattle egret, rufous treepies, Jungle mynas, and Indian gray hornbills. But, couldn’t pick up them this time. No problem dear birdies you’ll get the chance next time. So, I want to thank everyone who gave us their precious time. Thanks for Reading!! Be happy and safe.

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