Cooking in Lockdown

Aaryan Bhalla
4 min readJul 19, 2020

By Aaryan Bhalla

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.

We are all in the 3rd phase of lockdown. Hence, all people are utilizing their time by doing different things in lockdown by playing indoor games, practicing music and dance, uploading funny videos, by showing their hobbies.

Hence, I also started cooking things like how to make roti and how to put an Indian desi tadka in a dish.

But, my elder brother Aseem Bhalla has a great hobby of cooking food and my mother Sudesh Rana is a genius MasterChef in cooking delicious food items. Hence, in lockdown, we all cannot go out to the market to eat fast food so my brother and mother have cooked so many brilliant things in the lockdown Sewell so we should check out those brilliant dishes.

Suji ka Halwa

The first dish we made was Halwaa, which I only made with the help of my mom. We made it on the 26 of March to celebrate my birthday with sweet yummy halva. Hence, we could not all go out for the celebration. So, we enjoyed halwa this year on my birthday.

Pakoda’s from chapaati’s

My mother had already done various experiments with our food. And on the 27 of march, she made many chappatis for me and my brother and we both could not finish them.

Safer and Less Healthy Homemade Pakodas

Then, my mother tried an idea to make it more delicious with a simple thing. She cut the chappati into 4 pieces and make them pakoda’s.🤣🤣


Simple Things

Boondi Raita

Russian Salad

Mango Shake

Malai Afghani Chaap

We used our अंगीठी (brazier) which we only used one day in the year for the Lohri festival.

Bhalla Papri Chaat

Garnishing is one of the most important things


Pizza was one of the most common dishes made during the lockdown in every home as everyone was posting it on their social media stories and WhatsApp status. However, the Pizza’s were having crooks, despite that, a lot of hard work was needed to make it.

Mozzarella cheese red sauce pasta

Wow… It Looks so outstanding as the Mozzarella cheese is finely chopped on the pasta and then heated and melted and looks like a reticulated net.

If One Eats the Shahi Panner by Aseem, He’ll become a fan of Zaika of the sense of the taste of the exceptional dish. The aroma of thick gravy of cream, tomatoes, and Indian spices makes it more beautiful.

Sub sandwich

Gravy Manchurian with Hakka Noodles



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