Flowers blooming in my yard in lockdown

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“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.”

We all are in the third phase of lockdown. hence people are passing their time by doing different hobbies and by playing Ludo, by playing indoor games, by making funny videos, etc.
I am also passing my time by learning the skill of photography. I have clicked pictures of colorful and beautiful flowers. So let's see which flowers are these

1. Different types of Hibiscus.

This is a white hibiscus which is also known as white China rose. Nobody knows whether the hibiscus really is a native of China as its Latin name is Chinese Rose. Many believe it comes from India.

This is pink blackshoeplant which is also known as magenta hibiscus this is also a species of hibiscus plants it has beautiful yellow pollen grains with pink stigmas.

This is orange hibiscus and this Hibiscus is the flower that blooms very little in my yard. The main thing in this flower is that all the parts are orange except the stigma of the flower are red which looks very nice.

This is a yellow Hibiscus and species of shoeblack plant and this flower is very beautiful as it has yellow petals and a red design on it and the SunBird also likes its nectar.

This is a red hibiscus and the style of this red Hibiscus is very long and beautiful. The main thing in this flower is that all the parts are read except the pollen grains.

Nowadays it is the season of hibiscus. hence, this light pink hibiscus is blooming in various parts of the plant. This hibiscus is also big except for all Other China roses.

This maroon hibiscus is the last and the seventh species of hibiscus in my yard and also this is the oldest one and this only blooms flowers in summer’s only. In my yard, there is a total of 7 types of different species of hibiscus.

2. The three types of Marigold

This is a Mexican marigold or yellow marigold. And do you know As such, in India they are traditionally offered to honor all gods and goddesses, but especially Laxmi and Ganesh? The colours of the marigold are also significant to Hindus.

This is the mixed red and orange marigold season of marigold is now going on because summers are not for these flowers.

This is an orange color marigold which is similar to the first yellow marigold.

3. There are two types of Jasmine in my yard

This flower is motia and this is one of the species of Jasmine and the fragrance of this flower is very unique. As summer arrives the fragrance of motia assails one’s senses. It is a hardy plant and grows throughout the year but flowers only in summer.

This flower is a star Jasmine and this is the second species of Jasmine in my yard and this is known as a star because it has the shape of a star. In Indian mythology, Kund is known for its whiteness. So, instead of the common western phrase 'white as snow’, what often appears in Hindu mythological stories is 'white as Sunday. Also, beautiful white teeth are often compared to Kunda buds. This flower is also essential in marriage ceremonies in India.

4. Different kinds of Gazania linearis

Gazania linearis is a species of flowering plant which is also known by the common name treasure flower. This is a yellow Gazania linearis. This flower is found in different varieties of colors.

This is a yellowish orange Gazania linearis. The main thing about this flower is that all the parts of the flower are yellowish-orange which looks very cool. This color makes you feel happy.

This is a mix of red and orange Gazania linearis. The color of this flower is very excellent due to the brightness of my phone. I have not use the filters. As the color of nature is too unique.

This is also a mix of white and pink Gazania linearis.

These are white Gazania linearis.

This is an orange Gazania linearis. All petals of this flower look equal which is looks like a carpet.

We have also grown a pinkGazania linearis. My mother likes this color. I like the mixed red and yellow Gazania linearis. As it does not bloom other than other Gazania linearis in my yard in lockdown. But, it is also a member of our yard.

The Gazania linearis which I like the most is this one because it has three different colors in one flower only. As, it has white, red, and yellow in its petals and a brown circle on it with yellow stamens on it. This was the last Gazania linearis in my yard.

5. Different varieties of Pansies.

This is a yellow hybrid pansy flower. The garden pansy is a type of large-flowered hybrid plant cultivated as a garden flower. It is derived by hybridization from several species in the section Melanium ("the pansies")

This is a mix of blue and purple pansies. My father and I like the color of this flower. The yellow color in the center of the flower looks very good in the dark purple petals.

This is a white pansy flower that has a purple design on it.

This is a mixed yellow and brown pansy flower that only appears in the daytime. Due to the dark colors.

6. Pot Marigolds

This is an orange pot marigold. These are also known as scrotch marigolds. Pot marigold florets are edible. They are often used to add color to salads added to dishes as a garnish and instead of saffron. The leaves are edible but are often not palatable. They have a history of use as a potherb and in salads.

This is a yellow pot marigold.

7. Roses

This is a pink garden rose that grows in a bunch whenever it blooms.

This is an orange garden rose that grows every 2 weeks.

7. Different types of Dianthus deltoides.

Dianthus deltoides, the maiden pink are the flowers which only found in pink colors. But this is a mix of white and pink Dianthus deltoids.

This is also a mix of white and pink Dianthus deltoid. But, the design of this flower is very different.

This is a red dianthus deltoid that we have grown in our ‘kyaari’.

This is a pink Dianthus deltoid. The stamens of these flowers are not straight and the corners of their petals are of triangular shape. The stigma of this flower is also not visible when we see the flower.

8. Lily

This is a very bright red velvet lily that only blooms in sunlight.

This is also a bright yellow color lily.

This is an air-pollinated lily.

These are orange lilies.

Some more new……

Whenever I am stressed out, I feel relieved after having a glance at them. As you know flowers can heal the soul and bring happiness to our lives. But, unfortunately, we are so busy that we don’t have time to wait and see the beauty of nature around us and especially children who are so busy playing games. I hope that they will bloom again and again.

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