One of my favorite Birds- Spotted Owlet

Found it in Shivalik Arboretum

The main entrance to Shivalik Arboretum
The department had developed earthen tracks on which local people can walk and enjoy a healthy environment.
Zoom…zoom, and zoom. Peacock 🦚🦚 roaming in a flock, enjoying the company of a collared dove.
Rose-ringed parakeet (Female)
A Eurasian Collared-Dove on a peepal tree.
Oriental Magpie Robin (Male)
Coppersmith Barbet with distinctive head patterns, a red throat and breast, and streaked underparts with yellow patches.
Credits: Simmi Warriach Ma’am; Seems Sleepy and Lazy 😪😃
Credits: Pushkar Bali Sir; Two for joy!
Credits: Karmannye Chaudhary (Featured image also); owlet from Nagar Van.
Credits: Sarabjit Singh Bhinder; This species is nocturnal but is sometimes seen in the day. When disturbed from their daytime site, they bob their heads and stare at intruders.
Pic of my own: An adult owl with scary shining red eyes.
Credits: Vishal Sharma; It has random white spots on its head, narrow white barring on its tail, and a yellow iris.
They were bobbing their heads and staring at me, I felt like an intruder when I visited their habitat.
pic captured from my camera.
Pic from my mobile
Credits: Mr. Manish Juahar; They have well adapted to living in cities. They roost in small groups in the hollows of trees or in cavities
Credits: Mrs. Saroj Gulati Ma’am; A dozy pair again from Nagar Van.
Credits: Mrs. Saroj Gulati Ma’am; Looks Angry
Credits: Mr. Gurjeet Virk; A sincere and cute one, Oh! No, I can't fit in the hole.
Credits: Mr. Subhash Sapru sir; A नखरा from one
Credits: Mr. Vikas Salil Sharma sir; very vigorous
Credits: Mr. Vikas Sharma Sir; Good morning dear Birdie.
Credits: Vishal Sharma
A Greater Coucal calling with a series of deep, resonant “oop-oop-oop” notes.
Lesser gold back with all-over golden underparts and white spotting on black throat extending the whole body, also having black rump. It is one of the few common woodpeckers that are seen in urban areas.
Jungle Mynas, Near Kalagram just opp. to Arboretum (Pic from my mobile)
God has painted a beautiful painting every day with the same sun (after raining at 7 am)
Jacobin Cuckoo spotted first time ever in the arboretum.
Red Rumped Swallow on a wire, forages over open areas.
Interpretive boards showing information about the flora and campa plantation presented at the Shivalik Arboretum.



Nature and birds Lover, Traveller, & musician..☺️☺️

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