Rock ’N’ Roll in Thapli Continues!!…

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Aao Tumhein Pitta Dikhaain!

Are you bored out? Need something to refresh yourself? So Birdwatching is the best activity for you! 🤔💬
Thapli is a hotspot for birdwatchers, with over 150 species of birds to observe. But, it doesn’t matter… what matters are three-pointers mandatory to follow: Your time, Your Patience, and How lucky you are to have encounters with different birds. 😮😲

On the beautiful trails to find Beauties!!…

Nestled in the scenic Shivalik hills of India, Thapli village offers bird watchers unique sightings of a variety of indigenous birds, head out early in the morning to catch a glimpse of colorful species like Indian Roller, Eurasian Hoopoe, Kites, Cuckoo, Orioles and more.

But, what if being a birder you also get crazy insanely and forget everything around you for a “Nauranga” in an evergreen Jungle?

Bird finding a suitable range from where it call its mate

तब तो आपकी आँखें भी Laser Beam की तरह बस Pitta को ढूंढती हैं They can be oftentimes spotted flitting, calling through the trees and foraging on the ground.

Colors are most striking seen when the bird is in flight.

This little birdie can be frustrating too, Whenever we got the good angle and light, it flew away! Pittas found in the Western Ghats are typically darker in colour, while those in the Himalayan foothills tend to be brighter.

One branch to another

On the other hand, your Homates are continuously calling you and asking when you’ll come back?! बहुत हो गई ‘birding – Shirding’ बस करो अब! 😆🤣 But, rather than picking up their call pitta is more important than them right now! 😂✌️ वर्ना वो उढ़ जाएगा ना!! 📷

Pitta perched on the Mango Tree, where it can be commonly sighted at Thapli

Indian Pitta is favorite among all birdwatchers around India. पर करें क्या ये Summer Migrant जो ठहरा! 🌅It’s actually a beauty 😍 How lucky to have 9 colors hidden in such a small passerine bird, that’s why other birdies must be jealous of it. But, it’s not a resident here who has been here for only a few months रौनक लगाने के लिए!😉

Though I know summers and birding together is not a good option 😌 But, Harsh weather and a pair of binoculars early in the cold chilly morning isn’t bad, No? 🥵😆

Hey! Pick up my Call 🤙😁

Known for its vibrant plumage and melodic call, it’s a favorite amongst bird enthusiasts.

During summer, it is very bold and conspicuous, often calling in the open, known for its vibrant colors and unique call that sounds like two marbles knocking together. Marbles? ये क्या कोई Coppersmith Barbet थोड़ी ही ना है?

call is a series of distinct whistles, churrs, and trills which vary in pitch and duration.

The male Indian pitta uses its call to attract a mate and defend its territory. Interestingly, the female also has a similar call, but it is used more for communication between partners. पर जब Common Hawk Cuckoo भी उसकी Calls को copy करे, फिर क्या?… 😜🤪 Confuse तो होगे ना!… If you ever get the chance to hear the Indian pitta's call in person, it's sure to be a memorable experience.

You are waiting for it to come up so you can capture a couple of shots!

But, burst out in a pompous and loud display of their calls at dawn and dusk and having very hourse calls continuously having halts. It comes here every year- have some insects, Calls up its partner, does Nesting, goes back with tiny chicks & comes again covering miles from south… केरल या तमिल नाडु से आना कौन सा आसान है यार! 🙄😳😄

A quite distant shot of the bird, perched upon a Moringa tree

It so often happens that a bird you have been chasing for some time suddenly starts appearing every time you go out! Previously, we had to search for the pair on natural perch for a long time. And we have seen it thrice in the last week or so ... All on natural perches, trees, rocks etc.

Indian Pitta in its Natural Habitat!!…

The village environment provides natural and undisturbed habitats. The only trouble was that every time we wanted to step out and leave the site... we had to wait for the beauties more to leave. The pair gave us mind-blowing shots! As we go down, had to come back and climb more up for them!

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

When you venture into the village, on the outskirts of Haryana, you have come so far to capture the real beauty of the village. The villagesiders are staring at you with your gears, and camera! भाई ये news वाले यहां क्या करने आए हैं?!… 🤔🧐📷

A Big Drawback: It’s Serious 😧

(Beauty on the Trash)

Indian Pitta foraging on the dump near Nallah in Thapli!…

Nothing to say picture itself justifies each and everything. Does it only matter for us to click a picture of the bird and just post it for likes and views on social media platforms??…

Totally Camouflaged! Spot the Bird and I’ll give you Rs. 100!! (60% Failed)🤑

Facebook पर डाली और काम हो गया! क्या बस FB पर फोटोज़ डालना ही सब कुछ है? Of course, Not. Plastic pollution increasing day by day, where these birds are being forced to forage on dump! Nope! Not at all… it’s our basic duty to spread the message that each and every species living in this biodiversity and ecosystem is important, either common or rare.

Pitta तुम इतने खूबसूरत क्यों हो?!

(Understanding the beauty of Pitta)

Upperparts are green, with a crystal blue shoulder patch.

Did you know that the colouration of the Indian Pitta can vary depending on its location and habitat?

The primary reason for colors is camouflage… try locating a parakeet on a fruit tree… a crimson sunbird on a coral flower or a bottle brush flower…the list is endless!
Another reason is hormonal. During the breeding season, lots of birds develop a much more attractive breeding plumage and break into songs.

Clockwise: Spotted Owlet, Crimson Sunbird, & Rose Ringed Parakeet

Diet can be the third reason. The array of food available to the bird will determine where it will live. For example, Spotted Owlets inhabit our cities and are predominantly dependent on insects and rodents but are not very colorful. On the other hand, Rose-ringed parakeets are primarily frugivorous, and yet they have such colors. Colors as well as the place they inhabit are determined by primarily three factors - diet variety & availability, camouflage needs, and mating efforts needed.

Different species have different habitats and different foods, god has provided different beaks for that, they have wings to fly why should we expect them in our surroundings? 😒🤨
A few who want to live with us, we can’t tolerate because our style of living has changed, we want birds to live according to our wishes. 😔

Although, Pittas are not currently considered endangered, deforestation and habitat destruction pose a threat to their population. Birds are one of the most fascinating creatures on our planet, but their populations are rapidly declining due to a variety of reasons including habitat loss, climate change, and outdoor cats.

What’s the Solution?

On this World Environmental day… However, there are easy steps you can take to make a difference. First, make your windows bird-friendly by using decals or film to prevent collisions. Second, plant native plants in your yard to provide food and shelter for birds. Finally, reduce your use of pesticides and advocate for conservation policies that protect bird habitats. 🙂

Saving birds may seem like a small action, but it can make a big difference. We need to work towards proper documentation of our Avian Habitat... Thus, let’s work towards it.

Shall we Conclude?

An Indian Paradise Flycatcher, which came up suddenly besides capturing Pitta

Birding what I have realized is just going alone or with a friend! What birding is if it becomes a Chaos or Mess?! Looking, Seeing, capturing… If you see something. If not, come back satisfied with a good day out. 😊👍Never Mind, Next time सही
Get your binoculars and let’s fly away to explore the exciting world of birdwatching. 🦅🦉

Indian Pitta perched on the Peepal Tree

Share your experiences and tag us in your birdwatching adventure, birding paradise waiting to be explored. Plan your next birding trip and witness the beauty of nature at its finest. ♥️

Buffy bird, showing puffy red color on its vent

It’s very simple just a notebook, a field guide, and a pair of binoculars.
You are done enjoying the prakirti… 😌 Wanna try?… Come lets show you the real beauty! Let’s work together to ensure our feathered friends thrive for generations to come. Thanks for reading!

Happy birding!!… 😊

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