The Rhythmic music band of my school !!…

By Aaryan Bhalla

Aaryan Bhalla
27 min readFeb 6, 2021

“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.”

when you Enter a Loving Family, Consider yourself One of the special Members of an Extraordinary school.

Dav public school, Sector 8-C Internal Rd, Sector 8C, Sector 8, Chandigarh

Music is a part of every known society, past and present, and is common to all human cultures across the globe.

The emotions caused by music, the attitudes of its composers and players, and the venues it is played can also vary from time to time and from place to place. The music one person loves might be painful for another to listen to, and vice versa! I am Aaryan Bhalla studying in class 8 at DAV Public School, Sector 8C Chandigarh.

At the age of 8 singing “Maa Tum Mandir Ho….” on the terrace of the House.
I'm at the age of 7 singing “Nanha Munna Rahi hoon…”

Music 🎼 was already a part of my life since childhood: through singing. Also, I became by singing bhajans in the kirtans and by playing harmonium, piano, Casio and Dholak too.

Singing Bhajans in relatives Bhajan Sandhya
Playing & practicing Alankars on Casio gifted by my Uncle

In school, all classmates have to learn Alankars of Harmonium when they reach the age of 10 in our school. I learned it before everyone and soon became very proficient at it and joined the Instrumental music club in school which used to happen every Thursday with an extra period at the end of the school.

Harmonium gifted by my parents on November 10, 2017

Practice makes the man perfect. I was learning new songs, Bhajans and Bollywood songs in my school and youtube also helped me. The only problem with Harmonium is that the volume of this natural instrument cannot be high or low.

The 54 Keyboard was also gifted by my parents.

But, after gifting a Casio by my Uncle also a harmonium and a 54 mini keyboard by my parents after seeing my hobby and excitement towards music, while playing harmonium in the school assembly and after joining the Instrument music club for 3 years from class 5th to till 7th changed my life and I became a member of ‘Rhythmic music band’ of school which made me more popular among my teachers and students of different classes.


Students and seniors say: अरे! आप तो वहीं हो ना जो हारमोनियम बजाते हो? I was startled and stunned. I became more and more famous among my teachers and students. Let us see the whole journey.

Awaring kids about Music to kids

I also use to share a little much info. about to my gali friends kids too.

Interschool competition
Park Plaza, Zirakpur

October 29, 2017; Sunday

Venue: Park Plaza Chandigarh, Zirakpur

me singing Jai Ho… Jai Ho Patriotic song

Anita Ma’am Our dance teacher encouraged some of the students from class 5 to 7 and told us about an Inter school competition which was at a 5-star hotel Park Plaza, Zirakpur. There were several competitions of different fields such as Singing, Dancing, and Acting & drama were organized there for different schools. I was eager to participate in it. I requested Mom and Dad

I won 3rd position at the Inter-school competition, Premier Kids Awards

I decided to participate in it. First, we went on 28 Oct to this program where the event was over. Then, the following day mom, dad, and I came again and I sang a patriotic song Jai ho…Jai ho…Janambhumi Mata Jai ho… and also enjoyed a Premier schools Exhibition. We waited there for the announcement of results and due to being exhausted waiting we went back home and when we reached home my father got a call from a friend who was also there for her daughter's performance. He told dad that my reward has come out for the third position. I was surprised!!.. requested dad to bring my prize. I didn't think that I would win this competition as when I stopped singing my song, no one clapped for me except mom as I sang a patriotic song. It was the first medal of my life. The next day the students who won the competition were praised and got blessings from the principal Ma’am.

Bhajan Sandhya
Class 5

November 3, 2017; Friday
Dav Public School, Sector 8C Chandigarh

Class 5 performance

Class 5 is very important for all of us because after that our class gets distributed into two different sections. Every year our school organizes a Bhajan Sandhya in the evening for different classes by singing Bhajans and also invite Arya Suva samaj Mandal to this function. In the year 2017 class 3rd, 4th, and 5th got the chance for this event.

Singing Teri panah main bhajan in Bhajan Sandhya

This is Bhajan Sandhya, the 2nd time for our class. The song which we sang was: तेरी पनाह में हमें रखना, सीखे हम नेक राह पर चलना।

Ritu Kaushik is our music teacher who teaches us songs, prayers, patriotic songs, and bhajans, etc. And different Alankars on harmonium during the periods in school. I learned them more quickly than other classmates and after joining the Instrumental Music club I learned to play small songs of the same repeating lines.

My Music teacher: Mrs. Ritu Kaushik

Then, a challenge came to me. It was the month of January when Ritu ma’am gave me a chance to play harmonium in the Republic day Patriotic song. The song which was decided for this year was — “ Mere Desh Ki Dharti, Sona Ugle Ugle Heere Moti” which was not an easy song with different tunes and stanzas and was a tough song which I committed. The day came and was my first performance on the occasion of Republic Day in school which was done successfully.

Practice Mere Desh ki Dharti before the final performance

1st Performance on the Harmony in Life: Republic Day

January 26th, 2018; Friday

Venue: Dav Public School, Sector 8C Chandigarh

Do you know? why do we celebrate Republic Day? Republic Day has been celebrated every year in India on January 26, since 1950 every year to honor the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect. Rules and regulations were marked. India was a colony of the British for over 200 years and became autonomous from the rule of the British Raj following the Indian independence movement.

All shivering due to foggy day

It was a very foggy day with the whole body quivering. A blue kurta with a white pajama was decided as the costume to wear on that day. I was nervous as it was my first performance on the stage on the harmonium in my life.

It was cold that day, so there were not many children, at least 30 or 40 children came and all our teachers were also there. Later I came to know that we also have to sing and play the national anthem when the flag hosting happens. I did not pay much attention to who was in front, my main focus was on the harmonium, on the tune, and on the song itself. As I already told you, the song was not easy at all, the song was difficult and apart from that, it was too long.

At Arya Samaj Mandir, Sector 7, Chandigarh

Venue: Arya smaj Mandir sector 7 Chandigarh
January 26, 2018; Friday

Then I came to known that the same song we also have to play at Arya samaj Mandir, sector 7 Because different schools came there and played their songs as prepared in school as they also celebrate Republic/Independence Day there. Many children were involved in this song, such as — Balaram, Ambar, Seeja didi, Seema, Aastha Didi, Isha Didi, Pragati Didi, Khushi didi, etc.

Even there we sang very well and compared to the school there, we decorated the song more and sung, there is salvation in the visit to Arya Samaj temple because it is very tasty which all children later get into In school, it came played somewhere wrong. But, here it was excellent. My mom, dad, and elder brother came to see my performance and I performed very well. I felt proud of myself ☺

2nd Performance on harmonium :
On the occasion of Independence day

My Favorite Performance ever

August 15, 2018; Wednesday
Dav Public School, Sector 8C Chandigarh

Now, again, do you know? why do we celebrate Independence Day? Independence Day marks the end of British rule in 1947 and the establishment of a free and independent Indian nation.

Then, the day came for Independence Day, for which I suggested a song — “ Sare Jahaan Se Acha” which was decided to play in a western style with the tune of Vande Mataram Drums, Guitars, Congo’s and a piano.

This song is one of my favorite songs we have played as In comparison to every year, the song that we sang this year had the highest number of children in our singing group and the special thing about this song was that for the first time, a song was played in a song.

That year, children also came to school a lot due to listening to the drum songs. Various kinds of poems, speeches, dances were shown and as soon as we went to the Arya Samaj temple there we came to know that our program will not happen this time because the repairs and reconstruction were going on there.

Patriotic Song Competition:
By Late Smt. Sumitra Bhagat Arora
on the occasion of Independence day

August 19, 2018; Sunday

venue: Arya Samaj Mandir, Sector 22 Chandigarh

Arya Samaj Mandir, Sector 22 Chandigarh

One day ma'am got a letter for some competition and they told us that there is a Desh Bhakti song competition which will be organized in Arya Samaj Mandir Sector 22 where we have to sing and play the song “Sare Jahan Se Achhe.” That Arya Samaj temple was quite old and first, they taught us the rules and instructions of competition and we came to know that 4 groups had come and one by one each group sang there. We could also sing an individual song. so, I sang it.

We performed the Group song — “Sare Jahan Se Acha”

The students who participated were the following -:

Aaryan Bhalla (Harmonium)




Gagandeep (Guitar)

Lakshay (Guitar)

There I also sang an individual song “Jai Ho- Jai Ho Matrubhoomi Mata” Then finally they started making the prizes and the time was soon to announce the results, then Mama went on the stage.

Mama started saying that Aaryan would like to sing a bhajan till the prizes were ready and I was nervous. I then sang a small bhajan there too. They gave me a small book for bhajans as I sang one.

I am singing the Individual song Jai Ho...Jai Ho

Then, the time came when the winners were announced. Our school won the second position and I first position for singing the individual song.

I was awarded for my 1st Individual song.
Our school won the second prize in group song.
I am certified with a shield and a certificate

Shields and certificates were given by them to participants who won.

A dictionary and a book were also given to the participants.

A dictionary and a nice book too for all the children who participated there.

August 21, 2018; Tuesday

Principal’s Room

Our school won the 2nd position: Photograph with Mrs. Jaskiran Harika, principal

Ritu Maam said that everyone has to bring their own reward which we received from there and there will be a photo with our principal and it happened that it is not so easy to win two prizes and from above I sing alone too. I was happy because this photo of ours will also be published in the magazine, whatever it is, I want to thank them for all the music and the harmonium.

When I tried to join a music tuition class
October 3, 2018

I can never forget this day because that whole day was filled with my confusion. Seeing my passion for music. My mother decided to put me into a music teaching class called Shastriya sangeet classical music, but as soon as we went there, the master told me to play something on the harmonium, so played a song on the harmonium. I played Lakdi ki kathi. They insulted me so much and said to my mother that I do not know anything about music, it has to be taught from the beginning and I just went the same day and I did not go the next day because they teach on a different scale and he differently and the school music teacher separately and insulted me.

Patriotic Song Competition - Bharat Vikas Parishad

Venue: community center sector 49 C Chandigarh
October 6, 2018; Saturday

Bhupinder Kumar Uncle is a very good friend of my father. He is also a member of Bharat Vikas Parishad Branch South and he told my father that there will be a family meeting function in which a cultural program is also organized from 6:30 to 7:30 in which there will be a Patriotic (Desh Bhakti) song competition and children would be rewarded.

Every participant was awarded a shield.

Then at the behest of my father, we all went there, and again I sang the song “Jai Ho…” Bharat Vikas Parishad awarded me a shield and I am very happy. Do you know that this song Jai Ho- Jai Ho has been very important to me because I sang the same song in school, in the Zirakpur program, and in Arya Samaj Mandir.

Played Harmonium for the first time in Bhajan Sandhya

November 3, 2018; Saturday
Venue: Dav Public School, Sector 8C Chandigarh

Do you know? Due to my mom’s Prediction, I missed one of my songs due to Mr. Pundit Daudayal Sharma as he always comes to our Bhajan Sandhya and bores the audience as he sings long and boring Bhajans for at least 30 minutes, I am not insulting him. But, that's the truth. so mom told me to go late to school. The phone rang Ritu ma’am called and was worried the phone rang and the function had started and I am not ready yet. This resulted in the loss of one Bhajan performance of mine in Bhajan Sandhya.

But, fortunately, I reached school and sang my group song “Teri Sharan main aakar”

Playing & performing the song — “Chanchal Man Mere… Om Japa Kar Om”

Bhajan Sandhya always remembers doing a lot of practice in the multimedia room or Room number 15 of our school, where we did one all music practice.

Instrument Students and students of the music band who participated were: -

Me (Harmonium and singing)

Balram (Harmonium)

Seeja (Harmonium and singing)

Prerika (Harmonium)

Raghav (Harmonium)

Lakshay (Harmonium)

Sameep (Congo)

Vardaan (Congo)

Harshdeep (Congo)

Kartik (Dholak)

Harman (Tabla)

Gagandeep (Harmonium)

Isha (singing)

Khushi (singing)

Seema (singing) oh my god !!.. so manyyyyyy…….

Then, I finally played my 3 songs on harmonium and over with the refreshment and prasad.

Performances of Bhajan sandhya were:

  1. “Man ka Aangan Nahin buhaara”: class 6th a, group a ( I was playing the harmonium in this one too. But, I missed it due to my mom.)

2. “Kahe Bajaye shankh nagade”: class 6th a, group b

3. “Teri Sharan main Aakar main dhanya: class 6th b, group a ( i sang)

4. “Mera Aap ki kirpa se”: class 6th b, group b ( i played harmonium )

5. “Tereya charanan ch meri ardaas data”: class 7th a, group a (i played)

6. “vah shakti hamain do Daya ”: class 7th a, group b.

7. “Bhala Kisi ka kar na sako ”: class 7th b, group a (played harmonium)

8. “Mera swami Ji kar gay beda paar”: class 7th b, group

9. “Chanchal man mere ok om Japa kar” All girls and music band students ( i played harmonium )

Chanchal man mere

Playing & performing the song — “Mera Aap ki Kirpa Se….Ho Raha Hai”

Tabla, Dholak, Congo, and harmoniums all played at one time gave a melodious tune to different-different bhajans.

2nd Republic Day for Me

First time played school’s Keyboard

January 26, 2019

Venue: Dav Public School, Sector 8C Chandigarh

This time our senior students were not there as they were busy with their pre-boards and Board Exams. So, this time Junior students of classes 5, 6, and 7 were selected for the Republic day Patriotic song.

This time I suggested the song “aye watan watan mere aabad rahe tu" which was played by me on the keyboard for the first time.

We sang our song and went to the national anthem as well as Punjabi poetry Hindi poem Bhagat Singh was shown the drama and dance to the children.

Then went to Arya Samaj Mandir where the construction was still going on, so this time in their small hall we recited our song and it was good.

Bhajan Performance

Venue: Arya Smaj Mandir Sector 16, Chandigarh
March 17, 2019; Saturday

You’ll be surprised to know that I was not participating in this bhajan performance as I had to go somewhere with my family during winter vacations. However, when the program was canceled to go to So, I decided and took advantage to be a part again. Tell you about one secret do not tell to anyone…. while performing this bhajan performance Ishaanjit and I put pages and were looking at the lyrics and then singing and cheating and this is what memories will make you smile. When you’ll grow up.

Several students who were chosen for this bhajan performance — :

Me, Khushi, Seema, Sanskriti, Ishaanjit, Kartik, Amber, Kartik, Balram, Manoj, Raghav, Harshdeep, Harman and one more.

Two songs were decided to sing on that day which was chosen from bhajan sandhya only. The songs were the following -:

“tereya charnaan ch meri ardaas data” and

“vah shakti hamain do Daya Nidhi”

They gifted us books for reading. Unless anything else, I like that they give books to children to read. So, that they grow up their knowledge and vocabulary.

Bhajan Singing Competition

April 29, 2019; Monday

Venue: Hansraj Public school Sector 6, Panchula Haryana

The new session class 7 was just started and again a competition came for a bhajan at Hansraj Public School on the Jayanti of Mahatama Hansraj. The bhajan which was decided was - “Om hai Jeevan Hamara, Om Prananadhar"

This time only one boy (me) was there and the others were all girls in the group. That day was Mahatma Hansraj’s 123rd birth anniversary, where the first program was a Fancy dress competition and after that, the Bhajan competition started in the multimedia room of that school.

Hansraj Public school Sector 6, Panchkula Haryana

Our eighth number came to sing; the problem was that another group too sang our song Om Hai Jeevan Hamara. We got stuck there and we could not do anything. According to ourselves, we sang with full determination. But we were not able to win in it because it was very difficult to win in it because there were more than 25 different school children there.

This time the students were a few different-:

Me (Harmonium and singing)

Prisha Katoch






Khushi Didi and I

If Talk about the school, the school was very good, clean, beautiful and big and a big beautiful fountain was also built on its gate.

School’s Fountain

The school was so big that a separate electronic train and new different types of swings were provided for the younger children who were not even engaged in our school.

Independence day Performance

August 15, 2019; Thursday
Venue: Dav Public School, Sector 8C Chandigarh

This time also I only suggested ma'am for a new song which was “Jai Ho Jai Ho” to sing for the Independence day patriotic song. This time I don't like to feel like playing the harmonium so, I sang this song with the whole group. Balram and Parth were Harmonium and keyboard respectively. Harman played tabla and harshly played congo, which gave the song a rhythmic tune.

The students who participated were the following -:

(Me) Aaryan Bhalla

Balram (Harmonium)

Parth ( Keyboard )


Dixi didi




Harshit (Guitar)

Kartik (Guitar)

Harman (Tabla)



Harshdeep (Congo)

Jai Ho Jai Ho's song’s performance was very good in our school too and going to the Arya Samaj temple, one said that the first song turned out to be very rhythmic, and enjoyed it a lot. Our song became even better due to Congo beats. This year, the Raksha Bandhan festival falls on the same date only and Independence Day was also on the same day, so people were quite busy as they had to tie Rakhi from their sisters.

Patriotic Song Competition: Smt. Sumitra Bhagat Arora on the occasion of Independence day

Venue: Arya Smaj Mandir Sector 22 Chandigarh
August 18th, 2019; Sunday

Our school band won the second position for the group song Jai Ho… Jai ho again this time too.

Like last year, this year we again went to that patriotic song competition organized by the son of Late Mrs. Sumitra Bhagat Arora. Speaking at 9:00 am, they started the competition at 11:30 am. Only 3 schools were present this time.

There were very few school children this year as compared to last year. Everyone sang their songs in turn, and then later they were also singled out individually too, then Mamma also told her poem which was also printed in the magazine of our school named "Spectrum" the poem was "Kuch Yaad unhe bhi kar lo’…

I was awarded the Second position for Individual song: Nannha Munna Rahi

The only song I sang was Nanna Munna Rahi. Then the results of the songs were decided and the first place was awarded to Carmel Convent School, the second place was awarded to our school DAV and the third to CL Aggarwal.

The mom also got the shield and the shield which the whole group for will also go to the principal’s room. We all didn’t get our own shields alone this year, I could not get the shield for the individual songs also. They only gave me the certificate.

This time Mom was also awarded for her Hindi poem.

The students who participated were the following -:

Aaryan Bhalla (Harmonium)



Harshit (guitar)



Harshdeep (Congo)

We sang the additional bhajan at last — “Teri Sharan main Aakar”
Sung “Nanha Munna Raahi Hoon” as an Individual song
Our school won 2nd position again Photograph with Mrs. Jaskiran Harika Principal Ma’am

We gave the award of honor to our school principal which was given to the whole group. They also gave us a storybook with a General knowledge 2020 book and certificates.

Bhajan Performance on the occasion of Janmashtami

Venue: Arya Smaj Mandir Sector 16 Chandigarh
August 25th, 2019; Sunday

Janmashtami was auspicious on that day and it was raining heavily, yet a bhajan performance was organized to celebrate Janmashtami in Arya Samaj Mandir Sector 16, in which we had to sing two songs, our songs were, “Teri Sharan Mein Aakar main Dhanya Ho Gaya” and “Chanchal man mere Om Japa kar om”

The students who participated were me, Ishanjit, Tanuj, Pankaj, Akaansha, Gurman, and Dikshi Didi, Harshdeep

As soon as the song was over, the whole hall was filled with applause, as a lion’s reward, they presented us with books, as well as the headteacher of our school, also came to see our Performance.

Bharat Vikas Parishad Patriotic Song Competition

September 3rd, 2019; Tuesday
Community Center sector 19, Chandigarh

Do you know? This was one of the toughest events and our half-yearly examinations were also going on during this event we only had 10 days to prepare the song.

Then another song came, Rashtriya's Jai Chetna has come again, a program that will be on September 3, in it we came to know that that song will be very difficult, which will be different and every song will be difficult to play and also the time limit It will take between 6 and 7 minutes. Participants will also have a limit of 8 to 8 children who will be selected to sing the song. Ritu Madam wanted us to participate in this song.

So, Mam took me, Balram, Dikshi didi, Ishaanjeet, Isha didi, Khushi didi, Raakin, and Nishaad. Though our songs also featured Sparsh Ayushi and Tanuj, they were removed because it was necessary to take only those who sang well and only needed 8 students. After all, it was difficult and strong.


Something very bad happened in this song that our school had an exhibition in the library on 31 August, then Mam called everyone to practice the song. However, due to the preparation of the exhibition, I could not go and I refused to go. But that is what I came to know from other children that I have been removed from the song, but my friend Tanuj told me that it cannot happen, I promise that will Maam will call you because it was impossible to sing without you. I too felt true for him but got left from school and Ma’am did not call me for the song. All the teachers started asking me, did you not go to music?

Ritu Mam called me back the next morning ie on August 30th, and Tanuj was right. Balaram looked at me and said that “Welcome Back” I was not able to understand anything because I did not come all day yesterday and they did the full song in one day. I was surprised…………….

Our school won 2nd Position in the event.

We did our last and final practice. That, after taking all the stuff, we took the school bus and reached the community center Sector 19 directly, after writing our names there, we came to know that we will have to sing a Sanskrit song as well. What we did not know was because we had only memorized Hindi song, then immediately we went to the ground of the community center with all our belongings there, we practiced in the open and decided to sing Vande Mataram like how we remember two-three lines and Mam were very angry because the children were not able to sing, Our number came 8th in the lucky draw, for the performance and waited there. we started our song, the whole hall echoed with applause, the judges were very strong cows. They liked our Hindi song but did not like the Sanskrit song so much.

Community center sector 19, Chandigarh

Then, the time when results were announced — :
3rd = C.L Aggarwal sector 7 Chandigarh
Luckily our school DAVP School Sector 8 got the second position. yay!!… hurray, I was very happy.
And KBDAV Sector 7 got the first position.
There was also a fight because an aunt said that even my children sang so well that they were not rewarded. Judges were there So, no one should feel that they have sided with anyone, or maybe partiality with anyone. But nothing was like that was not a case of partiality.

Bhajan Sandhya

November 8, 2019; Tuesday
Dav Public School, Sector 8C Chandigarh

4th bhajan sandhya of me in our school and I played 3 songs on harmonium and sang 3 songs also as we have to attend a married at night only so we went out from school earlier and enjoyed the wedding.

Performances of Bhajan Sandhya :

  1. “Dhanya hai tujko aeye rishi”: class 4th a, group a ( i played harmonium)

2. “Naam Prabhu ka pyaara om”: class 4th a, group b ( i sang)
3. “Pikar pyaala om Naam ka”: class 5th a, group a ( i sang)

4. “Swami tum jo Kar Gaye”: class 5th a, group b ( i sang)
5. “Prabhu ka Naam to jap”: class 6th a, group a (i played)
6. “Om shakti hai shakti”: class 6th a, group b ( i played harmonium )
7. “Jai Jai rishi ki Jai”: class 6th b, group a
8. “Rishi Dayanand Saraswati”: class 6th b, group b
The total performances were 8.
My total performance was 6.

List of Orchestra Students: (singing students)

  1. Aaryan Bhalla (7th b)
    2. Tanuj
    (7th b)
    3. Ishaanjit
    (7th b)
    4. Khushi
    (9th b)
    4. Seema
    (8th a)
    5. Harshdeep
    (congo player)(9th b)
    6. Nishad
    (6th b)

Kids Show

November 9, 2019;Saturday
Dav Public School, Sector 8C Chandigarh

The Kids show for the first time.

Today was a kid's show in my school music teacher Ritu mam selected me for playing harmonium and to sing songs to help the small kids as they cant sing too many long songs.
But the next day there was a kid's show. So, I played harmonium in 1 (Kawaali) आपस में चिड़ी देखो आज कैसी जंग है and played Keyboard in 1 song: “If you miss the train I’m on” and also sang 1 too. Total songs were 3.

Performances of kids show
1. Chicken Dance
2.qawwali “aapas main Chidi Dekho” (I played harmonium)
3.Punjabi Culture Dance
4.English song “if you miss the train” ( i played piano)
5. “sare ke sare Gama ko le kar” ( i sang with my orchestra)
6. Indian Full Culture Dance.
The total performance was 6.
My total performance was 3.
After that, we saw the dance performances and in the end, I played the national anthem, and Ritu mam gave us all refreshments: a frooti and cake.

Then I came to Pgimer with papa on his friend’s scooter. I enjoyed Frooti and a cake today... I came to the pgimer after several months as papa went home at 2 pm so I decided that I will also go with papa to the pgimer.

Melodious Music Aaryan Bhalla

Dec 14, 2019 My First music Channel on Youtube

As my interest in music grew more and more, I thought that it should be shared among others too. That way I opened my own channel on YouTube, by making and uploading music videos and tutorials.


Click on the links given below. So, you may be able to see the videos on my youtube channel.

Worst performance ever on Republic Day, which I didn't expect

January 26th, 2020; Sunday
Dav Public School, Sector 8C Chandigarh

Singing Hindi song “sandese aate Hain hamen tadapaate Hain

On that day we celebrated the 70th Republic Day of our country. I reached school at 8:15. At school, everything was going great. But, if I talk about our song.

first, we sang the national anthem, and then the Hindi song "sandese aate Hain hamen tadapaate Hain" and I played the wrong beat on the piano which was my fault. I became nervous. But I survived, I had extended the tempo of the wrong tune yet with all our songs saved in the middle, it was only Ishaanjit who saved us from the Shame.

Aayushi and Sparsh changed the whole song, and they were in their world, and I was feeling very angry with both of them. Rachna ma'am was trying her best to give us a rhythm by clapping hands but everything failed.

I don't know why they came to our rhythmic music band. Nothing could be heard of the rhythm, and the whole song was performed badly.

Friends and fellows who participated in the Republic day celebration.

I quickly corrected the piano rhythm and gave the mic to Ishaanjit and didn't let it be a problem. I am not blaming anyone. But, all our practice was wasted.

Finally, after all the activities and performances were over. I, Pragati, Raakin, and Manpreet went to Sangeeta Kumari Ma’am then to Principal Mam, and she said that I was excellent. I handled the whole song even without Ritu Maam, as she was busy with her marriage programs. I was happy and they gave us stationery items as a present.

We went to Arya samaj Mandir, sector 7. But, even after going there, we did not do anything special. Our song did not play well there either. One aunt said that the poem by (Suchitra Maam) Hindi students was good, not the song. Due to just a few new singing students all songs wasted for the first ever in my music experience. It was very shameful.

Celebrating Independence Day during Lockdown

August 15, 2020 Saturday

Singing “aye watan watan mere aabad rahe tu” is staying safe in the home.

we were unable to go to school for 9 months due to the pandemic. We cannot practice as schools are closed due to the coronavirus epidemic, but the celebrations of Independence Day are not. Ritu ma’am told me that there is a competition on the occasion of this delightful day. So, I instantly made a video and sent it to her. But, unfortunately, I came to know that the competition was from class 9 as my video was rejected as I am in class 8. I had forgotten it anyway and I did not pay much attention to it.

Playing Jai ho- Jai ho song on harmonium

First Online Celebration on Republic Day

January 26, 2021 Tuesday

This year our respected principal Mrs. Jaskiran Harika left the office of the principal and our vice principal Ma’am took the position of the remaining principal, Mrs. Akila Mahajan.

Our new principal Ma’am Mrs. Akhila Mahajan is hosting the flag on the occasion of Republic Day

Our school did not celebrate Independence Day online. but on Republic Day all the teachers came to school and the flag was also hosted. Children sent their activities doing it on Independence Day.

So, Ritu ma’am also told me to send a video on any patriotic song and I chose “Mere Desh Ki Dharti” which was shown to the students visually through the Google Meet app where all participants joined the meeting and saw videos through the presentation.

I am playing Mere Desh ki dharti on harmonium which was shown on Google Meet.

So, in this article, we saw that how a musical instrument- Harmonium changed my life. I hope that you may like this one and will wait for the other one too. So, stay safe and be healthy.

I'm sharing the link to all of my videos of songs, bhajans I have played on my Harmonium.

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