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Indian White Eye Story

Aaryan Bhalla
5 min readAug 7, 2020

By Aaryan Bhalla

21 May 2020 Thursday

Now- a day we are all in the fourth phase of lockdown. God gave me a ray of hope from our park after we lost Bulbul’s eggs.

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This evening, my father ordered me to go to the gardener in the park to tell him about some work.
So, When I went to call him, I went to the park to call the gardener, but the gardener showed me one thing and after seeing that thing, I was thrilled and I got mad with happiness, then I came home and picked up the phone and took this picture. After seeing this picture you will also say aww wow.

The second nest of the year.

I saw the 3 chicks of a bird sleeping in a small nest which was very little just like the size of my hands and those chicks were very cute, their little wings also came out, they were at least 5 to 6 days old. The naked chicks had now worn their feathers. Then, I shook the branch on which it made the nest. Then, a child woke up from sleep and considered me his mother and opened his mouth, and must say that — “mother first give me food. I am starving, my siblings are sleeping right now”. so, I quickly took a picture.

Opening mouth for the feed.

But, then I remember the ​​Bulbul’s eggs as we lost them as a predator ate them. As, I do not want to lose the chicks anymore, so I made a distance from them as soon as any other animal would see them caught sight of them. So, I maintained my distance from them.

May 22, 2020, Friday

I decided last night that I would wake up early in the morning and go to the park to see which bird these kids belong to. I went to the park with my father. We saw an insignificant movement in the nest and a yellow bird was sitting in it.

The first time I saw an Indian white-eye bird in my life.

But, I could not recognize that bird, so when I went to take a picture of the bird. But it flew away out of fear. Then I peeped into the nest and the chicks of the bird were sleeping in the Nest. but, when the crows were flying over us, we left from there so that the crows would know nothing.

The smaller mulberry tree of my park on which it made the nest.

After coming home, I took the help of the Google Lens app, I got the name of this bird and the name of this bird is — ‘Indian White Eye Bird.’

23 May 2020, Saturday

Today I also woke up again early this morning. I went to the park with my father. Today the mother was not sitting in the nest and then what we saw in the nest was very sad. The nest had only one of the three chicks. At first, we thought he must sleep, then I shook the nest he was not waking up for food. As it had said goodbye to all of us. It probably died because of the heat yesterday because it was a very scorching sunny day yesterday and when the gardener cut the tree, the sunlight was directly on them. So in the nest, it was uprooted and his beak was also dry, and there was no sign of the other two. The mother had taken the rest of them somewhere. Otherwise, if there was no other enormous animal, those two children would have eaten, then why would they have left this chick ??.

The little chick passed away.

So I have lost these too, also the same as Bulbul’s eggs, and could spend only 2 days with me. But, when I told all things to the gardener then, he said that it took away the other two chicks to a new place by their own mother only which was good that the other 2 were safe. So, I only saw them with wings. I could not even see their eyes open before they died. Now I hope to see a nest again. And this ray of faith from the park changed into dusk.

Disclaimer: It is advised not to take photos or videos of bird nests from such close quarters. It disturbs and agitated the parents and also exposes the nest to predators. Usually, nesting photos are taken by birders with 300mm onward telephoto lenses while standing far away from the nests. Please stay safe and keep them safe too.

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