When snow called us at Kasauli..!!

By Aaryan Bhalla

I am in the mood to write a blog today, so I have brought another blog. Hope you’ll enjoy and this blog too receives your love and your precious claps and comments.

It was the day of 27th of December morning. I was giving my mathematics objective test in Google Forms. All were feeling very monotonous. All we needed was a quick trip, a quick trip for pleasure after the pandemic. My Aunt (buaji) was at our home (my father’s sister) All of this became serious and eager to go. Then I also said, okay, let’s have fun. Then after 9:00 pm, it was decided to do instant packing for 1 day. So, we traveled to a famous hill station in Himachal Pradesh: Kasauli cantonment. Our tenant helped us to find a Guesthouse there.

We picked up the car and went on the way………….

Kasauli is also one of the famous tourist and Birdwatching spots 65Km away from Chandigarh where we visited on the 27th and 28th of December with my family for one day and one night.

Kasauli is a cantonment town famous for its lush green and picturesque surroundings of the mountains and its quiet and tourist-friendly people.

It surprised us to see what we saw on the way to the Garkhal. There was a lot of snow on the way to Kasauli on both sides of the road.

Different birds and their species were there.
We were very lucky to see the snow there. Kasauli usually gets snowfall in late December, January, or early February. Regular snowfall in Kasauli every year isn’t guaranteed, but if you are lucky enough, you may get to be enthralled by the breathtaking snowfall in this lovely town.

I would advise that for those interested in enjoying snowfall in Kasauli, winter is the best time. Kasauli weather in December remains chilly and sometimes reaches below -4 degrees celsius. Kasauli weather in February is also pretty cold, but not as cold as December.
I was very, thrilled to see the snow. It was hot because five of us were sitting in the car. Snow news had spread to the news media, so traffic was also very much.

We went to the Heritage market of Kasauli, Meditation point and children’s park, Mall Road, and Cantonment park.

We took a break at the Heritage Market, buy one — two things, had lunch, and went to the meditation point to click some memories and sceneries.

I saw Himalayan bulbul in Cantonment Park. But, unfortunately, the cantonment park was closed.

It was difficult to spend the night without heaters, Monkeys were fighting with each other. Outside the room, pupils were enlarging due to it being horribly dark. There was no television in the guest house which was good but, there was no source of entertainment because the phone was not responding because there was no service in the town. So, we played Dumb charades to pass the time.

In the evening, we tried to play badminton. But couldn’t possibly play the heater saved us from the cold. It was also difficult to call or send messages to each other. Many things were talked about, gossip, and old memories were refreshed.

Without a cap, we could not go out. The night went………………………… huh freezing cold…. how do I explain?

28th December 2020, Monday

But, finally, finally, morning came……. Papa knocked on the door to wake me up. Several birds in the sky………… chirping and calling pleasantly.

The new birds on which I glanced were :

Himalayan Bulbul or white-cheeked Bulbul

Red-vented bulbul is very common. In Kasauli, Himalayan bulbuls were seen as very common.

2. Indian Jungle Crows

3. Alexendrine Parakeets

I saw most of the parrots only after going there.

4. streaked laughing thrush

They were similar to Jungle babblers. ‘Angry birds Don’t fear’….. They were really not scary to me.

5.Grey-hooded warbler

A small pleasant bird with a gray head and yellow body.

6.Cinereous tit

A beautiful small bird with white cheeks with black breasts and a vivid zig-zag feather pattern.

7. Blue whistling thrush

A Himalayan or blue whistling thrush. It was whistling its loud human-like whistling song at dawn and dusk.

8. Indian white-eye

These were all new birds I saw for the first time in my life except the Indian white eye.

In Kasauli, there are several Indian monkeys. when Lord Hanuman was returning from the Himalayas after getting the magical herb. Sanjivani Bootie, his foot touched Kasauli hilltop and that’s the reason this place is named Monkey Point. This point is famous for hosting a small temple that is dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

But, unfortunately, the Monkey point was closed due to covid-19.
We enjoyed it a lot. But, the time came to say bye to Kasauli.

HPPWD Guest House in Kasauli, Solan is a top player in the category of Guest House in the Solan. This well-known establishment acts as a one-stop destination servicing customers both local and from other parts of Solan. Over the course of its journey, this business has established a firm foothold in its industry. The belief that customer satisfaction is as important as their products and services have helped this establishment garner a vast base of customers, which continues to grow by the day.

From Kasauli to Garkhal to Jabli to Parwanoo to Bitna then to Chandi Mandir, Suraj Pur, and finally home Panchkula.

Home is home….. Home sweet home.

The thing which disappoints me was this……… We drove through Chandigarh Shimla highway a day after a major landslide occurred. Chandigarh-Shimla Road is being widened from a two-lane to a four-lane road, by the felling of 21,000 trees, under the compensatory afforestation Program. The felling of trees on such a large scale affects the ecology of mountainous areas. INTACH says the survival rate of a compensatory plantation is a mere 10% to 12%

Environmentalists, however, say the felling of trees on such a large scale will have an adverse impact on the ecology and climate of Himachal Pradesh. They say it would rather have been wiser to construct a new two-lane road as an alternative, keeping the existing Parwanoo-Shimla NH in its present form.

I want to keep all my memories as a story so that it is always remembered, Before that it all went to the trash. I enjoyed being there. I hope I may get chances to have time to see my India and my environment and anything which likes me. After a long time of these difficult days, we all need to hang out with our families for a short outing.

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