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Recreating memories from my school days, precious moments

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मेरी यादों का पिटारा

Scrolling down in Google photos of being the home of memories helped me to bring my unforgettable memories to write this story, must be saved to eternity, all the stories behind them are sweeter. Stay tuned for the photographs and the stories behind them. I tried to save them before they would be in the trash, and then I don’t feel Sad.

It’s so wonderful compilation of a beautiful and glorious journey of my school life.
It’s really impossible without parents support. Credit goes to them also.

I am studying in Class 9 in Dav public school, Sector 8-C Chandigarh, and I’m happy that I am one of the special members of one of the most famous schools in Chandigarh.

Episode 1: Beginning

Standard 3: 2015

In my school, juniors, till class 2 had a different uniform and seniors, had different from class 3rd to 10th. This is my first photograph in the red check in class 3, the uniform of my school. All the DAV’s have now this red check uniform only.

Save Water — UKG
February 28, 2013; Thursday.

Previously all our functions, lectures, and seminars were organized and presented in the Library room only. Geeta Madan Ma’am chose 10 students from the entire class to speak in front. I was also one of them (in white Kurta) prayers, dialogues were made and the audience, teachers & parents were aware of water conservation.

Happy Mother’s Day — Class 1
May 10, 2013; Friday.


Every year from LKG to class 2nd, we made cards and celebrated Mother’s Day with a performance of a mother’s song in the Library room. We performing song — “Maa tum Mandir ho, Maa tum Masjid ho”

Annual Function, Tagore Theater
Class 1

For the first time in LKG and for the second time in class 1 we had an annual function of a school in Tagore theatre sector 18, Chandigarh. Our class was given a dance performance on songs “Mene Kaha phoolon se haso to” and “Awara Bhavre Jo hole hole Gaye…”

Episode 2: Juniors

Fancy Dress Competition

States: Class 4
August 28, 2016; Saturday.

Participants representing different states of India: Fancy dress

Previously all these photos were uploaded to us on the app Snap homework. At first, I thought I would represent myself as a Himachali in this competition, but I chose Rajasthan then. Thanks to mom, she helped me in every Saturday activity had in my school. Mom brought goggles that had a mustache and were funny too. I used that.

Experiment with my grandfather with those goggles. Haha….
We removed the nose, My get up as Rajasthani

I remember my lines till now- I said

“खमागणी सा, मारा नाम से आर्यन भल्ला
मैं चौथी मैं पढू सा, मैं राजस्थान का रहने वाला
किले मारी शान, खाते दाल बाटी चूरमा रंग बिरंगे कपडे हमारे लोक गीत पहचान देते सबने न्योता
पधारो मारे देस… पधारो मारे देस
आपणा शुक्रिया”

I was happy as I got the first prize in this competition!!


Tree Plantation
Class 4

Every year we were asked and aware to plant trees in the yard of our school by planting small saplings from our home.

Siswan Trip- Class 3
Siswan Jungle Lodge


Kiran Ma’am was one of my favorite teachers in school. She was my class teacher in Class 3. These are our class 3 Siswan trip shots.

Episode 3: Class 5 & 6

Fancy Dress Competition

Occupations: Class 5
September 23, 2017; Saturday.

All the boys from class 5 took part in the competition.

They announced that we’ll have the Fancy dress competition again, and I was also so excited. The topic that year was given — Occupations. I wanted to be something other than the doctor, the police, or else. Hence, I was representing myself as Kisan (Farmer).

I expressing myself as a farmer.

चीर के ज़मीन को मैं उम्मीद बोटा हूँ मैं किसान हूँ, चैन से कहाँ सोता हूँ ?
मर रहा सीमा पर जवान और खेतों मैं किसान कैसे कह दूँ मैं मेरा भारत महान ?
खाते हुए दुआ करना भूखा न सोय किसान,
जय जवान जय किसान, जय भारत ll

Shanta madam my fifth-grade class teacher) she said to me that “You made a very good son” and hugged me too.
I was thrilled and without worrying; I performed my farmer form well. Everyone had a lot of fun cheering for me and everyone gave me a standing ovation. That was the day when I felt proud of myself…

I was waiting for the results and the certificate and was very glad as I got the first position in the competition. Yay!! All the credits go to mom. Thank you mama for everything.

Healthy Tiffin Competition: Class 5
December 13, 2017; Wednesday.

The winners of the competition.

We had a healthy tiffin competition too to strengthen and aware children about the disadvantages of junk food plus how healthy food is more beneficial to our mind and body. I couldn't win any of this competition. लेकिन उस दिन टिफ़िन बड़ा स्वादिष्ट था।

Tricolor Kite making
28 July 2018, Saturday

I got the second position in this art competition. All these tricolor kites and posters were displayed in the stage area for the independence Day celebration. All Girls were given some else activity.

Best Out of Waste Competition
July 11, 2018; Saturday.

Our Saturday activity that day was an art and craft activity- making something ‘best out of waste’.

Mom gave me an exceptional idea from Facebook to make a peacock using Waste pencil shades. I chose Tanuj Bisht as my partner for the activity. As he was in my house only i.e. Abhyas House.

The problem was just that the activity started when my mom and dad came to school early to take me from school. But Tanuj handled each and everything.

And you will be glad to know that when the results were announced I and Tanuj won 2nd position in that competition. Yay!!…

Children’s Day Celebrations
November 14, 2018;

Aha, there was a different mood in the school that day, our Madam also in a little late class, all the children were decorating the blackboard with different colored chalks on the occasion of Children’s Day. I was one of them.

From left to right: Shaurya, Sparsh Dhiman, and I

On that day we had great fun, we did not even study that day and we were given PT, i.e. (playing time) to play all day on the ground.

Decorated blackboard one can see in the picture.

Also, at the end of the day, we all got chocolates and took a lot of photos of us, some of them also have this in the photo.

Biology Activities
Class 6

Nisha Rajesh our Biology teacher, gave us many little activities to understand the concept of chapters more thoroughly. In the picture above we some students are distinguishing between the two roots of plants- Fibrous roots (standing), and taproots (on Knees)

Chapter 8 is unforgettable

As much I remember we were doing our Chapter 8: Structure and Function of the Living Organisms — Plants… of biology and Structure of a leaf. We all students were given an activity to bring leaves and to understand its structure ourselves. It was amazing and the entire class is showing different leaves.

February 5, 2019; Tuesday

This time we were doing the structure of a flower and hibiscus is the best flower to understand the complete structure. I had recently sown some seeds of Rajma, and so soon the plants grew. Ramandeep showing baby plants of Black dal, and Vanshita having moong dal sprouts. Aryan Sharma and Gunjan having hibiscus flowers, and Vansh Saini staging the bryophyllum leaves. Thank you Nisha Rajesh Ma’am.

Episode 4 - More Fun:
Class 7

Class 7- Yagya

Collage competition;
6th April, 2019; Saturday.

Hygiene and Balanced Diet.

Although, It's a record for me and my friend Deepak from class 3 we had taken part in this competition together and always win. In fact, Deepak and I were in the same Abhyas house and the children of one house could do the activity by forming a group together.

We used to make our chart fully covered with pictures and the decorated stuff. it was always amusing, taking part and cover the entire work just in 1 hour as we had 2 periods of activity at the end of the Saturday (The day for an activity.).

Slogan and caption writing:
April 27, 2019; Saturday

We entered class 7. Our class in charge was our respected Punjabi teacher, Meenu Kapur Ma’am. This is Slogan and caption writing competition when a pic was displayed to us and we have to write something related to that intention.

They showed as much as I retrieve a pic of the atrophy to us and we had to write on that. Winning was Always not the only hope. But, moral values and life skills are important too.

Gift wrapping Art activity
July 6, 2019; Saturday.

We got the activity that day, how to pack a gift? It was a craft competition. I chose one of my friends Deepak Antil to take part with me on this project/Activity.

So the cube was packed, and we pasted a cute sticker of Ganesha. The heart box was embellished with decoration items and ribbons were also placed on the box.

But the same obstacles occurred as Khushal and Sparsh Dhiman made our own copy on their boxes as they knew that our Aastha madam (Art and craft teacher) loves full stuff decorated. So our chances of winning that competition were very, very less. But, we also won and Khushal and Sparsh also declared second.

Paper bags
20 July 2019; Friday.

We made Eco-Friendly green bags to protect the environment and the primary motive of this activity was to say no to plastic bags.

Plant Distribution in school
August 21, 2019; Wednesday.

As soon as monsoon came we started planting trees in the tricity- Chandigarh and Panchkula. एक अच्छी शुरुआत हमने की है आप कब करो, पेड़ लगाओ… धरती बचाओ…

Principal Mrs. Jaskiran Harika Ma’am planting neem Tree.

39 more plants, planted near Pgimer and Panchkula. I was feeling satisfied. If our initiative inspired anyone. 50 more plants distributed in my DAV Public School, Sector 8C Chd.

We distributed them to all the students and teachers; they were told to grow the plant near a suitable place to their home.


Exhibition + PTM
31 August, 2019; Saturday

My motive was not to attend the PTM of the exhibition, it was to practice for the music competition of Bhartiya Vikas Parishad. The exhibition was displayed in the library. Several Pictures, posters, art, craft, assignments, projects, were displayed in the exhibition on different subjects. The complete library was looking very colorful and attractive.

Happy Teachers' Day
5th September 2021; Thursday.

Thank you so much, Meenu Ma’am

It was a half-day till 12 afternoon. Something was different that year, was that teachers didn’t teach us that day unless their students of class 10th get up as teachers and taught us. We bring cake, chocolates, cards, pens, roses, etc. for our best wishes to our respected and beloved teachers.It’s a talent we always used to decorate the boat from the motivational quotes arrival decoration with colourful chalks.

Say no to Diwali Crackers

Happy Children’s Day
14th November 2019, Thursday

Like last year, this year too, Children’s Day was celebrated with great pomp in our school, this time we played a lot of games with children, not the class, but the children had a lot of fun with their respected class teachers.

On that day, on the occasion of Children’s Day, we played a lot of games in the last period -

1. Save your Ball

Both the players had a plastic hand, and we had to save the ball to stick on hand.

2. Place the Bindi

Khushal (my classmate) was blindfolded for the game.

Students were blindfolded, and a bindi was given to all, We had to place it on the correct forehead of the pic of a girl pasted on Blackboard.

Naman Gupta playing the (Save the ball) game.

3. Pass the ball from the rotating ring

This was the toughest game because we had to pass the ball from a ring that was revolving continuously, not one could be won this game.

The Final game

The children who were winning, in the end, had to put a tongue on the picture of the dog (pasted on the blackboard). I could look a bit from cloth so, I chatted and finally Prisha Dhingra, Manavpreet and I won the second position. Shivansh was first.

From left to right: Manavpreet, I, Prisha, Meenu Ma’am, and Shivansh.

They gave two pens to both us and Manavpreet. They gave Shivansh a pouch as a gift. Had a lot of fun. I was very fortunate to win that day.

No bag day in school
November 16, 2019; Saturday.

No Bag Day was observed in school and they took so all the students of classes 6 to 10 on to a field trip for Experiential learning to the park just opposite our school and Japanese garden of Chandigarh.

All the students were asked to make a team and to note the length of any object we found in the park using the inch tapes. Children were enjoying playing on exercisers and swings. We spent 1 hour in the park.

We had a team of 6 classmates: Shaurya, Me, Shivansh, Tanuj, Srijan, and Vareenay.

The school took the children to the accompanying park, which is absolutely connected to our school. On that day, our first paper was about maths.

From left to right: Tanuj, Me, and Shaurya

Thank you to Diksha Ma’am and Meenu Ma’am who took these photos for us and will be saved for eternity today.

Although we stayed there for an hour, we had a lot of fun, so we did not have any activity in the last we had ample time, so we were given a poster on a fit body, and a fit mind to make at the end of the day.

Visits to GMCH 32, CHD

I have 2 times visited GMCH Sector 32 twice for educational lectures, live organs show, and a small trip. We were shown live organs and were asked to touch them, educational and important lectures were given too.

I was amazed to see the organs live that how do they actually look like. They showed us the brain, heart, liver, lung, stomach, kidneys, intestine, a man’s head, etc.

Class 7 and 8 at GMCH 32 in 2019

School Fete


It was the first time that our school organized a fete and there was a dance performance too by our class solely. It was nicely designed full of stalls, games, and fun. These all photos are very precious for me, I hope they will be saved now with this article. I hope like this one, a different one!!…



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