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Indian white eye’s Nest story again

Aaryan Bhalla
10 min readJul 11, 2020

By Aaryan Bhalla

To read the previous story of Indian white-eyed bird chicks click on the link or copy the link given below. When I saw them with wings !!… by Aaryan Bhalla.

When I think I have seen everything, then a new thing comes in front of me.
Walking in the park in the morning is good for your health.
One day when I was walking in the park in the morning. Then, I saw a small greenish-yellow bird with white eyes. Google says that this bird is known as 'The Indian White Eye' she had something like cotton in its mouth.

So I thought that it must be making its nest, there was another bird as well. Whoever may be male, there were small twigs in its mouth as well. So I followed those two birds and they entered a tree.
So both of them went on this tree.🌳🌳
Thus, they decided to settle their family on this short but dense tree. The name of the tree is ficus virens var. sublanceolata which is a species of banyan.

• June 21, 2020

Then in the evening, I took a beautiful picture of the Nest.
Then I started gathering information about this bird nest and I got a lot of information from the internet. They are highly arboreal and only rarely descend to the ground. The breeding season is February to September but April is the peak breeding season and the compact cup nest is placed like a hammock on the fork of a branch. It makes its nest with lichen, cotton, small twigs, and plant fiber. The nest is made in about 4 days and this white eye nest is very small which is attached very tightly and two to four pale blue eggs are laid within a couple of days of each other. Eggs hatch for about 10 days. Both sexes take care of chicks for about 10 days and make them able to fly.🐣🐣

The Eggs

• June 22, 2020

The typical clutch is mainly 3 eggs

Today I saw the bird sitting in the nest, I felt that it was incubating the eggs. Then, the bird suddenly flew out of the nest and I decided to take a beautiful picture of the eggs and I saw that there were three small bluish-white eggs in the nest, so I came to know with the help of Google that it takes 10 days for its eggs to hatch, then for 10 days I forgot that there is a nest here so that the bird can incubate her eggs without any fear and then, now let's wait for their birth.

• July 1, 2020

'Patience is sweet' This adage is very popular and this happened to me because as the moment that I had been waiting to see for 11 days has come today, The small three eggs of ' The Indian White Eye' have been born now. I was very happy to see the small chicks, I came to know that because I saw that bird carrying some food and small insects in its mouth as I forgot about the nest due to online classes, then I felt that might be the eggs had been hatched and as I shrugged the branches. They opened their mouths to eat food because they understood that I am their mother and their eyes were not even open yet.

As their parents feed and nourish them, their wings will come out and their eyes will open too.🤔

Now both parents will have more responsibility to handle their chicks.🙂🙂

• July 3, 2020

Only one day was gone and the naked chicks were with wings their little furry thorny feathers also came out and the first layer of their feathers also came out of black color, now I used to take some time out of my routine and go to see them without scaring them.

If the branch of the tree moves with air or high winds or if I shut the branch then they think that the mother has come with some food and they open their mouth to eat.

Today I saw that mother was sitting on A neem tree and it might be she was calling the father. This small bird is lovely but nowadays the conservation status is not good as the population is continuously decreasing (least concern).


• July 4, 2020

It takes us many years to grow up, but this does not happen with birds. These grow up in just one day, and their wings have become very long even today as compared to the day before yesterday.

The white-eyed chicks open their mouths if they feel the branch is shaking, but if they do not feel any response from the other side then they might say that - "Don’t know who is there disturbing is again and again." then, they go back to sleep.

Whenever I go to that tree where the nest is made, the father is always on guard when the mother is not at home. When I go very close to the nest the father shouts and calls the mother.

• July 6, 2020

A new day. Today, a new layer of feathers has come out of the body of these small white eyes, their wings have become longer and now their green wings have started coming out. Whenever I go to take a picture or look at them, I first look around and see that there is no crow anywhere because the cat or a crow can eat them.

I have some reason to go to the park in the evening and see them, and I always have to go to the park with some excuse. As the days are coming out in my online test, in the same way, they are also getting bigger, and space in the nest is becoming very small.

Raining Badly

July 7, 2020

The monsoon season is very much liked by all and this year the monsoon season started from July 6, and the day after the monsoon, there was a lot of rain, which gave us all relief from this hot summer but, this rainfall is not good for the small white eyes. But, they knew very well how to challenge this rain.
Both parents were in a feeding frenzy and equal to all baby birds and took away their poop and kept the nest clean this says that Mother Nature is great.

The Wings

July 9, 2020

The plumage changed from black to yellow.

Due to rain, I couldn’t go to the park for 2 days. Then, I got a chance to go to the park today and after taking this picture I saw it and I was very happy because these small Indian white chicks now have green wings and God has given them a unique body coat & eyes too.

There is still some time left to fly in this unfettered sky and there are still a few days left to leave the nest. Now with these two dark black small eyes, they will be able to see this beautiful and nice world made by God after thinking very hard.

Now whenever I go to take a picture of them, they do not open their mouth because now they can recognize the sound of their mother and open their mouth/beak as soon as they see the mother birdie.

The First Flight

July 10, 2020

Today I thought that I will capture a beautiful picture of the chicks in the nest, but as soon as I went to click, the birds flew out of it, I thought it would be the mother or father but these were chicks, all of three chicks flew out of the nest and all of three sat on different spots. The first one sat on the tree which was beside the nesting tree. I thought this was the loveliest and it was quite small but it might look big in the pictures.

A second man was seen resting on the grass

And the third one made me laugh because it was quite scary and as much as possible, there were small holes on a bench of the park and it stuck its claws in them.

These all three chicks can be brothers or they can be sisters too, but it is very difficult to find out whether they have brother or sister relation with each other, now my story will be over, but they will start their journey now, I hope that this will lead in life Increase and increase the population of this Indian White Eye again in the world, now it’s the turn of the three chicks of the Indian White Eye to fly free in this sky.

The Mother was screaming and calling the father.

When these three small chicks left the nest, the mother called them and they came back.

This world is very unique, God has given life to all of us, therefore it will take care of our life. As God is a true person and merciful also because Life is given by you, you are the hope, we are the only belief that you will save us from every difficulty.

Empty Nest: A Happy Ending

July 11, 2020


Eventually, this small nest was empty today and the three chicks were free to fly in this blue sky. The journey has just begun. The walk is long but we are and we will always be there for each other.

They flew away

Nature has made animals because there is a reason the birds will continue to die. then the insects will continue to grow.

The whole journey of 10 Days

Birds help us by eating insects and maintaining the ecological balance of the environment. We should not take away the freedom of these animals nor their babies either.

One should pray that their eggs (of birds) do not eat any other predator (crow, cats, and Dogs) and their journey in their nest should go successfully.

Thank you.

Four nests till date

During these lockdowns and unlock days. I have seen a total of 4 nests in my locality. Birding or bird watching is amazing to refresh the mind. See how much hard work the birds have done to raise their young ones.

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Disclaimer: It is advised not to take photos or videos of bird nests from such close quarters. It disturbs and agitated the parents and also exposes the nest to predators. Usually, nesting photos are taken by birders with 300mm onward telephoto lenses while standing far away from the nests. Please stay safe and keep them safe too.

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